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Hennessy is the best-selling cognac in the world and US run by Hennessy family (8 generations) & Fillioux family master blenders (7 generations). Blended using eaux-de-vie from Cognac’s top 4 regions. Each batch of wine is double-distilled to achieve the most flavorful, elegant eaux-de-vie possible. Hennessy also possesses the finest selection of old eaux-de-vie in the world. To  taste,  a  smooth,  full  sensation  gives  a  simultaneously  powerful  and  soft tonality  with  a  hint  of  cocoa  and  a  warm,  fruity  presence.  

Hennessy X.O. Jeroboam

  • Volume: 300cl

    ABV: 40%

    Country: France

    Storage: Avoid light, air, and heat